Apr 6, 2009

{ To Thailand or Not to Thailand..}

So a few of the fianc-o and I's friends are heading off to Thailand for what will probably be the trip of a lifetime and we really want.to.go! The problem is this huge financial obligation (otherwise known as a wedding) that we have signed ourselves up for.  What to do? I firmly believe in the fact that traveling is a must on my to do list and I have never regretted any trips I took.  It might actually be really nice to get away a few months before the wedding hysteria kicks in full gear..hmm.  Is that totally glutenous to go on a completely amazing journey before our completely amazing South American honeymoon?


  1. GO! Thailand is A-mazing! Although the airfare is expensive, everything else there is cheap. The beaches are some of the best you'll ever see and the water is clear, blue and perfect for snorkling. I can't stay enough about it. :)

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