Apr 19, 2009

{ Romy Smells }

This weekend, Chuck and I are the proud doggie sitters of a cockapoo. Said subject is totally neurotic, smells a bit funky at times and makes this weird smacking noise with her mouth. But,I am kind of sad for her mom to pick her up tonight. 
She is soo cute and a pretty fabulous cuddler which makes all of her funky smells and noises dim in comparison. I think I want a dog. 

1 comment:

  1. awwwwww this is what our lil pup looks like. welll...sort of.

    i promised My Guy that when we got married and moved out of the condo we share with my sister he can finally get a dog. he's beyond pumped about this...and quite frankly...i'm pretty sure that fact alone was the hugest catalyst for his proposal. anyhow, one of our friends has a little malty-poo that they don't want anymore (they have a lil baby now that needs alll their attention) so they are "dog sitting" their dog for us for the next year. hysterical, no?


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