Apr 23, 2009

{ J Crew Love }

{Images via J Crew}

Some new J Crew lovelies just added. They have some pretty fabulous bathing suites as well


  1. I HEART J. Crew as well. I bought a wedding dress from them originally, but the fit was just off in both sizes that I ordered. Do you remember the layered tulle one? Amazing.

    I find my pics everywhere! I have been saving them for a long time before I was blogging so I have forgotten where most of them came from. So bad, I know.

    So when is the big day?


    Rebecca June

  2. Oh wow. Thanks to you I am going to add these to my revolving photo gallery! So glad you decided to "follow" my blog. I love your blog banner and can't wait to read the rest of your site and visit your Etsy shop!

  3. oh yes, I'm a jcrew fan too (umm...I think everyone is now??) On impulse a couple years ago I bought one of their wedding dresses that I'd been admiring when it went on a sale. Nope, wasn't engaged...just crazy.


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