May 30, 2011

A Brand New Week of Lovelies

i love everything about this image and the wedding is rather amazing as well
Image courtesy of Captured by Aimee via Style Me Pretty

dreaming in punchy pinks and creamy neutrals
Inspiration via 100 Layer Cake

head over heels for these adorable invites
Images via Elephantine

this cake was so made for me
Image via Once Wed

glam bike
Image via Wit + Delight

I could eat jars full of pickles all day long if left to my own devices. Make your own here.

The CBS Sunday Morning Show crashed the SMP offices last week. It was bright lights, camera, action and I for one was totally petrified. It was super fun to be a part of all the excitement but I have a feeling I won't be a screen siren anytime soon.
Image via Style me Pretty

gold + chevron = bedroom of the divine kind
Image via Oh Joy!

I want to crawl inside this image and hang out for awhile or the whole summer.
Image via Coco + Kelley

Hope you are enjoying this extra long weekend. I am jetting off to San Diego for Engage!11 but I promise to keep the pretty coming while I'm away. Cheers to a splendid Memorial Day. Have a hot dog for me.

May 23, 2011

Nookie Time

Over the weekend, I had some major girl time down at the Cape filled with Champagne + St. Germain (my new favorite combo), magazine perusing, cottage designing and unfortunately an all out spider and tick war (not my new favorite combo). I survived unscathed and have instead been bitten by the smitten bug over what I spotted in the newest House Beautiful. But before I dive in to my new obsession, take a gander at a little rearranging of art at the Cape House which ended in J.F.K. hanging in the loo. 

Nothing like staring at good old Johnny Boy while you tinkle. 
And now onto my undying love for the reading nook. 

All equally comfy and totally worthy of some good book devouring. Of course, what reading nook would be complete without some cheeky photography? You best believe this will make an appearance in my book cave

May 20, 2011

Ten Tidbits You Never Cared to Know

You know you're dying to find out what all of these random things have in common. I'm spilling the beans on Style Me Pretty Backstage and there's no going back. Get a glimpse at just how my whacky brain works. Oh and be sure to have a splendid weekend. If the rapture does indeed hit on May 21, know that I've so enjoyed all of your company.

Toodles xoxo

May 17, 2011

I went and Did It

So as I mentioned yesterday, I have decided to full steam ahead it down the Vegan railroad. This means no meat, no dairy and definitely the hardest for cheese. Just uttering those words hurts my heart so. 

I made this decision a little over a month ago and expected it to last maybe a day but you know what? It is totally sticking. I feel leaner, healthier, and confident with what I'm putting in my body. And I swear I only cheat every other Sunday with cheese pizza. It's that whole cheese thing I tell you. The meat, I barely think twice about missing, the eggs, bleck, I never liked those anyways but the brie, oh the brie. 

Anyhoo, this is not meant to be a diatribe against meat or why Vegan is the Jam, what I'm really wanting to know is are there any other veganites out there and if so, can I get your suggestions? Staples, what works, what totally doesn't, favorite recipes, books, blogs, I'll take it all.  I'm drowning in a sea of salad. Danke schon smarties xoxo

May 16, 2011

A Week of Lovelies

Since it has been awhile since I ventured down the Lovely lane, I thought I would start this Monday off on a pretty note. You can't go wrong with pretty or lovely in my opinion

two of my favorite things made an appearance at this Sunday Brunch: chevron and Bloody Marys
Image via 100 Layer Cake

Bee is the bees knees
Images via Atlantic-Pacific

Peonies + Paris...Need I say more?
Images via Oh Happy Day

a) I so need that sign and B) my thoughts EXACTLY
Images via Design Love Fest

every color of the rainbow is out of this world in my book
Image courtesy of Tiffany Arment via Green Wedding Shoes

I spy with my little eye a gorgeous interpretation of the typical dress shot
Image courtesy of Ryan Garvin via Grey Likes Weddings

I decided to go vegan and now things like this make my heart palpitate. seriously can't handle the lack of yummy cake in my life right now. Hey, at least I can eat the blackberries on top. I'm sure they are just as delicious as that chocolaty cake
Images via Sprouted Kitchen

killing it in the heel department 
Image via Apartment #34

I think this summer calls for a little hammocking
Image via Remodelista

hot pink lips are the new red
Image via Matchbook Mag

so so pretty

Now grab a huge cup of coffee and lets get this party started, shall we?

May 10, 2011

Standing Ovation

All of the new Anthro pieces are KILLING ME. A) because they are so very pretty and B) because I so can't afford them unless you know I don't eat or pay rent for a month. Might be worth it for these babies

May 9, 2011

Crushing on Dip-Dyed

I've fallen hard for dip dying and sort of want to do it to my hair, my chairs, my silverware...nothing is safe

May 5, 2011

Pass the Guac

Hope you all have a festive Cinco de Mayo celebration FILLED with margaritas and as much salsa as you can handle. I plan on eating and drinking my weight in guacamole and drinky drinks. This is my favorite faux holiday after all.

And for all of you margarita lovers, here's a yummy recipe courtesy of the L.A. Times

Wedge of lime
2 teaspoons coarse margarita salt
14 ounces ruby red grapefruit juice, with pulp (about 3 medium grapefruits)
1 ounce lime juice
5 ounces reposado tequila
2 ounces triple sec
4 slices grapefruit or twists

1. Run a lime wedge halfway around the rims of four margarita glasses and dip into salt. Set aside.

2. Combine 7 ounces grapefruit juice, one-half ounce lime juice, 2 1/2 ounces tequila and 1 ounce triple sec in a cocktail shaker. Shake over ice until chilled. Strain into two ice-filled, salt-rimmed margarita glasses.

3. Garnish with a twist or slice of grapefruit. Repeat to make two more cocktails.

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