Feb 27, 2009

Feeling Inspired

{Image c/o 1000 Layer Cake via Snippet & Ink}

I keep coming across all of these crazy beautiful images today and alas I am feeling inspired. I think I need to put together an inspiration board. In the mean time, take a little gander at this. Those horses make my heart sing

Love, Love

My heart is a flutter over these wine stained lovelies. It's sooo pretty and the colors just happen to be spot on. I think I need to use this somehow. Big cork heart hanging on the barn door? I think so.

If you have a few corks laying around..send them my way.

{Image via 1000 Layer Cake}

Feb 25, 2009

Great Find

In keeping with the idea of the open air photo booth I am on the hunt for some funky fabric that won't break the bank. I came across some lovelies at Urban Outfitters. They have tapestry fabric that comes in large sizes, perfect for my DIY project. Keep checking back because they go on sale for about $15 a pop, not too shabby.

The Venue..Yes, We are having a Barn Wedding

1) Rustic...check

2) Not too rustic...check

3) White lights strung up all over...check

4) In an area where all of the out-of-towners (this would be everyone) can find something to do...check

{Photo courtesy of Cameron Ingalls}

Looks like we have ourselves a venue.

Feb 22, 2009

The Oh So Fabulous DIY Photo Booth

I want, need, absolutely gotta Have! 

In all of my visits to wedding blogs, I keep seeing 
these pop up everywhere and I think it would be such a perfect fit for our "rustic, chic" wedding on a budget.  We are a bit of a kooky couple, as are most of our friends so I think this would make for some very entertaining pictures. 

{image c/o Eco Indie Wedding}

Faux mustache on a stick anyone?

Check out the Etsy shop Somethings Hiding Here for faux mustaches galore

The Dress

Hopefully the fiance won't be reading this blog anytime soon because where would my shoe post 
be without showing you the pretty, pretty dress. 
The lovely ladies over at The White Dress in Corona Del Mar were so fabulous.  It made for a really enjoyable experience considering I had to get down to my skivvies in front of a complete stranger, parade around in a million dresses and drop some serious cash on a dress that I will only wear once.  That is enough to make any girl sweat.  
I have dragged my poor mom to several bridal boutiques over the last few months and this was by far the best experience.  They have a really great selection and to top it off, they pour a little Champie to celebrate the wondrous occasion. Shopping and drinking...I really don't think it gets any better

 You should pop on over to Once Wed.  They recently featured a back yard wedding where the bride completely rocked this dress. Attention Bridesmaids... prepare to jump


   { images c/o Kelli Cohee via Once Wed }

And So It Begins.....

It is 5:30 in the morning on a sunday and I have finally decided to sit down and create a blog. Why, you ask?
I could feel my bloodshot eyes begin to water and beg to be closed as I sat on the sofa perusing shoe websites when it hit me...I have lost my f*!?ing mind!  Any normal person would be in bed right now, sleeping off the three (four maybe?)vodka tonics that I happily consumed earlier in the evening. But I am not any normal person, I am a very detail oriented bride to be who is currently searching for the perfect pair of shoes.  
I figure this blog might be the only way to remain somewhat sane through out this process.  Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love, love being engaged and planning a wedding but I have come to find that wedding planning has made me a bit...how shall I say this...obsessive, compulsive,overly detail oriented, up at 5 in the morning scouring zappos.com, going to make my sister and mother disown me if I don't stop emailing them every two seconds with inspiration pictures....crazed.  
And that, my friends, is why I feel the need to blog.  Welcome to my wacky world. Now what do you think of the shoes?
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