Mar 31, 2009

{ Bathrooms that are wayyyyy better than mine }

This one definitely makes my heart flutter.  The wood floors and dark walls are seriously rather awesome.

Pretty much any bathroom is better then my current loo situation. Lets just say teal subway tile is involved and there just might be some poop brown grout going on.  Frightening I know.  This is why I often like to skip off into the land of pretty bathrooms.  Today, Decorno made it easy for me with a montage of drool worthy beauts. Someday, Erin, someday....

{ The Most Fabulous Baby I Know }

I'm sorry.  I just could not resist.  She makes me want one or two. I hope my future baby is as cool as Lilly and I am so loving the crib fabric.

{ Hello Pretty Removable Wallpaper }

I am innn love with this idea.  Apparently there is a new wallpaper line out from Sherwin Williams that you can slap up on your wall like a sticker and it comes down just as easy.  This is music to my apartment dwelling ears. Go to this website and take a gander.  

Mar 30, 2009

{ The Big News }

We had a big day yesterday with the Wayt/ Lepperd clan.  We had a little road trip up to San Luis Obispo to meet with our potential caterer and we were blown away by the insanely good food they fed us.
We put our heads together and came up with such a great menu for the reception.  Lets just say it includes tri-tip, gourmet mac n' cheese and fried green tomatoes.  The yum factor is a flowin.
The big news came later when I came home and read my email...we won the photography giveaway! I have never won anything in my crazy. She made the announcement today so it is O.F.F.I.C.I.A.L. I am so excited to be working with this amazing photographer.  She is ohh soo talented and ohhh so out of our budget so this is quite the treat. Check out her website if you get the chance. 

I will leave you with a few pictures from her portfolio. I'm off to celebrate!

Mar 29, 2009

{ OMG!!!!! }

I have insanely amazing news that I can't wait to share but alas I must wait until's good though. believe. you. me
until then my loves

Mar 28, 2009

{ And Finally }

Our engagement photo sess a la David Harvey. **Thanks Dave for putting up with two of the most awkward individuals to ever step in front of a camera

{ Vintage Elements }

These are some of the vintage elements we are going to use for our wedding.  Think big, phat backyard wedding with a little bit of glamour

{ The Venue }

Since I am at it, I figured I would show you the rest of my entry for the contest.  This is the venue...pretty isn't it?

Mar 27, 2009

{ Hard at work }

I have been hard at work on a contest for a free wedding photography giveaway.  They are picking the winner based on their infusion of all that is vintage into the wedding...umm hello was this contest made for me or what?  Cross your fingers and wish me luck.  Here is a little sneak peek of the deliverables. Behold our wedding party attire.

{ Croquet anyone? }

This week, Green Wedding Shoes has been all about backyard weddings and I particularly love the images of lawn games above.  I think this is a must have for the barn.  How fun would that be to sip on a few cocktails and play croquet or bocci ball (in your best dress of course)?

{ Wee little fashionable ones )

Oh to be young and fabulous.  I am totally digging the peach jumper. Does this come in ..ummm larger sizes?

Mar 23, 2009

{ More, More, More..Design that is }

{ Backyard Wedding }

{ Images via Green Wedding Shoes}

I am loving this inspiration board courtesy of Green Wedding Shoes. Did you notice the hamburgers? I want!  And I am seriously swooning over the little boy in the newsy cap.  I am adorning my little ring bearer in just such a hat, with suspenders and a cute little bow tie too.  He's going to hate me!

{ Can I add this to our Vows? }

{ Image via Le Love}

{ Grub }

This week is all about food.  Hip hip hooray!  This so happens to be one of my favorite topics which makes this Monday ever so happy.  We are going on a little road trip up to San Luis Obispo on Sunday to meet our potential caterer and go over menu options as well as taste some yummy goodness so I need....ideas, favorite foods, amazing appetizers, yummy drinks.  Send me your favorite treats. We are thinking comfort foods, i.e. mac n cheese, burgers, bbq.  Thoughts?

Mar 19, 2009

{ The Coolest Loft in Buenos Aires }

I happened to be reading another wedding blog yesterday, A Backyard Wedding to be exact, when a post about their honeymoon caught my eye.
They too planned a romantic little get away to Argentina (woohoo I am sooo living for this) and stayed in one of the coolest looking lofts. 

To top it off, it only costs $400 a seriously that is about $1000 savings compared to the boutique hotel we where just about to put a deposit on.  Do you know how far $1000 will go in Buenos Aires? I am so getting my shopping on, and my steak on, and my wine on.

If you are visiting Buenos Aires at all in the near future, it would definitely behoove you to check out this site.  The people that own the loft have a two bedroom apartment upstairs that also rents out for $400 a week or $950 for the month. 

{ New Invitation Designs }

So I've been hunched over my laptop for the last 7 hours (wow thats really unhealthy)and designed a few preliminary invitation ideas for my etsy shop.  What say you? Please tell me you love them and would spend millions of dollars for these lovelies to grace your printer...or $15. That's a little better priced right?

Mar 18, 2009

{ Uber Cool Tape}

{ Image via Twig & Thistle}

Just when I thought I had seen it all, they come up with this and now, of course, I have to have it. Lace tape, how cool is that? Buy it here:

{ Flower Inspiration }

{Images via Style Me Pretty}

Ohhhhh la la. This is the look I am going for with our centerpiece flowers. Add a little manzanita branch and some mercury glass candles and its a done deal my friends.

{ New Ideas for Old Pics}

{Image via Style Me Pretty}

Luv, Luv the old pictures strung on clotheslines. I think that would look quite nice hanging in the barn. This wedding was held in an old loft in Chicago. It just exudes coolness- something I don't inherintly exude so I am more than willing to admire it in others

{ Is it too late to switch my wedding venue??? }

{Images via 100 Layer Cake}
I know, I know. It is far too late to change our wedding venue and yes I've already been through that once. But I am seriously drooling over this venue in Sonoma. Doesn't it look remeniscent of some villa in the european countryside? I'm just sayin....I could sooo picture sashaying down that stone isle. { Don't worry mom, the barn is still on }
For those still looking for a place to tie the knot, check it out. Sooo drool worthy:

Mar 16, 2009

{ I am actually Doing this }

I have finally started to develop this idea that I have been mulling over in my brain for quite some time. I am going to be designing printable invitations ...craziness I know. But I did it, I set up my Etsy shop this weekend and developed my logo so there is no going back now.
I am really excited about this new little venture.  I figure, if there is one person out there that is interested in buying my designs then it will be a success.  I guess I will go from there.  I am starting small, no pressure.    
I will be designing tons of invites, save the dates, etc over the next few days,weeks, months,  and I'll be sure to post them on here first for a little feedback.  Wish me luck!

Mar 14, 2009

{ So Fabulous }

{Image via Coco+Kelley}

Voluptuous hair and Martinis- Why do I love thee so?

Mar 13, 2009

{ In a Perfect World }

{Image via Apartment #34}
I would have a whole. entire. huge. gynormous room just for my regalia of clothes and shoes. Settee included. Excuse me while I go dream...happy weekend.

{ Haute Books }

{Images via Apartment #34}

I love books, especially when they are as fashionable as these lovelies. Doesn't it make you want to curl up on that sofa and stare at the vista of rainbow novels for hours on end? I'm just saying

{ Paris Je t' Amie }

{Image via Kiss the Groom}

I heart Paris and the horse it road in on

{ Conquering the World. An Ode to Andy }

Today is cause for celebration because brother from another mother and dear cancer free.
What do you do once you've looked death in the face and kicked it in the balls? Conquer the world perhaps or take on Grad school. Both pale in comparison to what he has been through. Congrats my love. Cheers to many more adventures.

{ Launched }

Finally, after countless hours of blood, sweat and tears I designed our new wedding website. Ugghhh it was painful and I reallllly wanted to call the geek squad countless times but I am rather happy with the end result. It needs a little more work but I am taking a few days off in lieu of throwing my laptop out the window. Check it out and let me know what you think.

{ Old is the new New }

I imagine moving to an old farmhouse someday in the middle of nowhere (but within 20 minutes of an Anthropologie)and when I do, this will be my bedroom. It's on my vision board people and thus Oprah says it will happen.
I also want an old barn in the backyard where I can spend all day doing crafty projects like Martha Stewart but with better clothes (hence the need for a nearby Anthropologie store).
{Image via Decorno}

{Fun with Polaroids}

{Image via Apartment #34}

I am so stealing this idea. Take note wedding photographer. I am all about creative wedding photography. The same old, same old is oh so...same and old. I have been collecting photography ideas and stashing them away. I fret that my photographer is going to hate me. Good thing she's my friend and has to love me no matter what. Ha!

{I need to hang this on my Wall}

{Image via Decorno}


Mar 11, 2009

{Love of the Day}

{Images via}
My new love is a Los Angeles based company that makes outragously fabulous head gear. See  I think I need one.  How many times a day do I say this?  A girl can dream, right? I am going to go dream about placing one of these lovelies on my curly little head right now. 

How great would they look with, say, this dress:

{Image via Etsy shop Sarah Seven}

I feel a bachelorette party outfit coming together.....

We are staying here

Honeymoon resevations at insanely cute boutique hotel...check
Eva Peron Balcony....check
Happy, Happy Erin......quadruple check

Mar 10, 2009

Super 8mm Film is Super Rad

I just watched a video on Style Me Pretty courtesy of Mimmo + Naz and it was stunning.  It is tear worthy and now I want Super 8 film at my wedding. It is such a cool medium.  It really looks like your watching an old movie. Click on this link to watch the video

Mimmo + Naz Super 8mm Film

I wonder if this can be squeezed into the budget ?!?

Hair Bling

Originally I was thinking flower in the hair, done deal.  So I bought this from an amazing etsy shop Modern Romance.

Now, of course, I am finding all of these beautiful vintage rhinestone hair combs and I am thinking I might have to change it up a bit.  All of the hair accessories below are courtesy of Oh Faro, another great Etsy shop.  She makes all of these fabulous accessories out of old, vintage jewelry.  These are all right up my alley.

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