Mar 23, 2009

{ Grub }

This week is all about food.  Hip hip hooray!  This so happens to be one of my favorite topics which makes this Monday ever so happy.  We are going on a little road trip up to San Luis Obispo on Sunday to meet our potential caterer and go over menu options as well as taste some yummy goodness so I need....ideas, favorite foods, amazing appetizers, yummy drinks.  Send me your favorite treats. We are thinking comfort foods, i.e. mac n cheese, burgers, bbq.  Thoughts?


  1. ciao i could send this link to you to watch them:
    where you can see it:

  2. I so wish I could have appetizers but my caterer is on-sight and thats just not how they roll. I love the fav foods idea. Go with what your favs are, not that you'll get to eat very much.

  3. we are soooo soul sisters. My wedding is a backyard wedding.... the food is all comfort cocktail food. No sit down meal.

    The are having passed

    *tomato soup in an espresso cup with a mini grilled cheese

    *mini twice baked potato's

    *cesar salad in a lettuce wrap

    then we are having a Mini- burger bar with tons of condiments so people can create their own burgers.

    For dessert the burger bar will become an ice cream cone bar......

    Let me know what you decided on having! I love the comfort foods!


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