Dec 31, 2012

Happy, Happy, Merry, Merry

Guess what, I'mmmmmmm baaccccck. Just in time to wish each and every one of you the merriest of New Years. 
Slurp some champagne for me. 

Images: Row 1: Single Serving Champy by Alea Lovely on Style Me Pretty | Festive Party Hat by Studio DIY | Glittery Fortune Cookies from Cake Appreciation Society | Row 2: Bedazzled Zebra via Den of Opulance | The Best Print | Golden Wedding Dress by Ed Osborne via Style Me Pretty | Row 3: 2013 Balloons by Scott Andrew Studio via Style Me Pretty | Rosy Hued Cocktails by Lane Dittoe via Style Me Pretty | Glitter Garland

Jul 27, 2012

Swimming around in my brain today: Bright as can be with a side of summer. Think I need a cabin by the sea to live out my brightly colored dreamscape. 

Images: One: Simply Smitten | Two: Thoroughly Modern Medusa | Three: Merriment | Four: Batixa | Five: Tribeca Citizen | Six: Cottages and Gardens | Seven: Amber Interiors 

Jul 17, 2012


Cabanas aren't just for the rich and glamorous anymore. If you find yourself sans pool but with an awesome old porch, take a note from the Novogratz handbook and plunk some cabana-esque drapery porch-side. And then invite me over for some lemonade. I'll bring the vodka.

outdoor beds work mighty fine too

Cabana Shot: Lonny Mag | One: Pattern Blog | Two: La Dolfina | Three: The Glam Lamb | Four: Tara Bradford | Five: Country Living | Six: Seeker's Bazaar | Seven: Erin Williamson

Jul 16, 2012

La, La Lovin

bright skies and sparkling seas

bright pastels and yummy copper accents

cabana striped curtains on a sweet porch
Coastal Living|Photographed by Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn |

scrumptious Margarita recipes

flower powered baths

eclectic cozy with a punch of pink
| West Elm Blog | Images: Jonny Valiant |

a stairway to bougainvillea heaven

tan legs mingling with awesome prints

warm summer night ping ponging under the glow of cafe lights
| Diverge |

watercolors turning pretty quotes into beautiful art

Jul 14, 2012

Bare Walls, Sad Heart

a few pieces I've had my eye on lately. My striped wall is still in need of a little something fabulous

Jul 11, 2012

Refinery29 Shop Stalking

Refinery29 has gone and done something beautiful. They've curated a whole bevy of pretty wares in their sparkling new R29 Shops. Have you seen? From summer skivvies to Editor closet shopping, it's hard not to find a little ol' something you want, need, gotta have. I've already got a boat load of goodies in my cart.

One: Cosabella | Two: BC Footwear | Three: Graf & Lantz Bag | Four: Twistband Hair Ties | Five: Gorjana Bags

Jul 9, 2012

Sweet, Sweet Club

Oh Joy!is a pure genius and her latest sweet treat blows any sammy out of the freaking water. This is my kind of club sandwich
Image photographed by Joy Cho for Oh Joy!

Jul 8, 2012

The Sequin Bandwagon

There's no denying that sequins are having a major moment. One that I think needs to make its way into my hot little hands. We're talking sparkling sequin clutch action.
Dazzling purses are the new black. Grab one in every color under the metallic rainbow

Eeny | Meeny | Miny | Mo

And if you're feeling more crafty and less spendy, check out this DIY from the pages of SMP's Fashion & Beauty Mag. It's the hotness.

Images: Cover: Champagne Showers | One: Fashion Coveteur | Two: Brunch at Saks | Three: Glamour and Pearls | Four: Fashion Vibe | Sequin Clutch DIY: Style Me Pretty with photography by Justin and Mary Marantz

Jul 4, 2012

Happy Cuatro de Julio my friends. May it be full of sunshine, booze soaked watermelon and an extremely sparkling night.

Images: One: Tea at Five | Two: This is Glamorous | Three: The Room Blog 

Jul 3, 2012


because really this is how my brain puts things together. A mashup of visual proportions from kiss my neon ball gown to leopard top to stair bottom.

Jul 2, 2012

a wee smidgen of gold (or brass while we're at it) does a kitchen mighty good. Actually a pop of gold does anything good in my opinion. Are you with me?
and it pairs extra nice with Carrera Marble. These two soul mates are a must in my future dream kitchen. But for now, while I'm in my itty bitty love nest, sans big, beautiful Carrera draped Kitchen, I'll stick to easy peasy gold accents. Gilded espresso sipping anyone?

Images: One: Tara White - if anyone knows where this image is from, let me know! | Two: The Decorista | Three: Design Hund

Jun 30, 2012

Baby Got Back

and Summer is for showing a little golden skin or a slightly pink glow if you're anything like me. Cheers to workin what your mama gave you in one of these pretty numbers...

Jun 6, 2012


Holy See Through Heels Batman. Get them here
And while you're at it, maybe pick these up too. Am I right? I'm so right. Best worn with a margarita in hand.

Jun 5, 2012

Get the Look: Romantic Boho

It's hard not to fall head over heels for Jen Huang's beautiful images. It's also hard not to be totally and completely inspired. As in a full blown bohemian extravaganza is the way to go for all things wedding. At least today it is. And if one were to partake in said extravaganza then surely the above attire is the way to go. Now add in a big, wild bouquet and boom. Hippie Dippie Magic.

1. Wedding Dress: BHLDN Cascading Goddess Gown
2. Floral Halo: Twigs & Honey Flower Blossom Halo
3. Sparkle Sandals: Piperlime Enzo Angiolini
4. Gold Cuff: Net-a-porter Oscar de la Renta cuff
5. Wood Necklace: Anthropologie Balanced Necklace
6. Embroidered Shift Dress: Anthropologie Gardenia Shift
7. Suede Sandals: Zara Platform Sandal

Jun 4, 2012

Midsummer Dreaming

Jen Huang is one of my favorite image capturers ever. She has a way with the light, this one. It's the kind of photo taking that is equal parts gorgeous and insanely magical. so when she offered up the prettiest midsummer night's dream inspired shoot I ever did see, I of course jumped at the chance to share with you all. It's boho bridal musings at its best with wild, overgrown bouquets and a headpiece by Poppies and Posies that will make your inner hippie sing. I know mine is.

Images by Jen Huang Photography, Florals by Poppies and Posies, Makeup and Hair by Jess Wilcox

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