Nov 14, 2011

Engaged: Alex and Jordan

 Alex and Jordan are all sorts of adorable and their engagement session captured by mega talents Kyle and Vanessa of Chupp Photography has all the things I go bananas for: gorgeous photography, so much love it's practically bursting from each and every image and last but certainly not least, a great pair of boots.
 a big fat thank you to the Mr. and Mrs. Chupp for sharing this lovely shoot and Alex and Jordan, wishing you a lifetime of happiness.


 All Images via Chupp Photography

Nov 6, 2011

A Week of Lovelies

 the bouquet had me at hello but it's the dress that stole the show

gold and pink and macarons oh my
Image courtesy of My Sweet and Saucy

through the looking glass

a sweet, sweet wintery proposal

manly bedroom McSexiness
Image via Rue

air plants are the new succulent
Images courtesy of Gabriel Ryan Photographers via JL Designs

flowers, flowers everywhere. clearly I'm in the mood for some pretty flora since this is like the bezillionth picture of the petal variety. oh well, we'll just go with it 
Image via Elizabeth Messina

hot pink. hot gold. hot damn
Image via No Clue...sorry!

I kind of feel like this bathroom and I were meant to be the best of friends

a rainbow of Elie Saab sparkle madness and I whole heartedly dig it
Image via New York Mag

so much amazingness in one little powder room
Image via My Favorite and My Best

elbow patched sweaters = dapper chic
Image via A Little Dash of Ash

sometimes I forget but this is a great reminder
Image via I am Blessed

Nov 1, 2011


Come November 12, I'm joining the club. I'm crossing my fingers and toes that I will look even half as adorable as these lovely ladies. Now hows about a looky-loo at what's currently at the top of my eyeglass lust list

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