Jan 31, 2011

Ivy & Aster

I am completely head over heels for the new bridal line Ivy & Aster (like heart-palpitating, gorgeousness overload kind of head over heels) and any brides or bridesmaids still in search of the perfect dress are in luck because Ivy & Aster is arriving in stores this very week. Not only that, but there are several pop-up trunk shows through March. The first one is coming up this weekend in Los Angeles. I only have one request...will someone please, pretty please rock one of these gorgeous dresses down the aisle and send me the pics. I need to do some vicarious living.

Images courtesy of Elizabeth Messina

Walls, Floors, Pillows...I'll Take It All

my current obsession can be found on just about anything and this makes me a very happy girl. I am on the hunt for some Chevron laden curtains for our bedroom and stumbled upon all of these pretty images during my travels so I thought I would share. Nothing like zig zags to get your Monday started off right.

Jan 29, 2011

Our Wedding Featured

totally forgot to tell you all...our wedding was featured in the Spring issue of The Knot that just came out. Very exciting and my favorite little guys even made it into the table of contents. Now that is big time. 

See more from the day here

Images courtesy of Corbin Gurkin via The Knot

Jan 28, 2011

A Week of Lovelies

i love me some sequined hearts but in this shot it's the messy top bun that really steals the show
Image via ban.do 

zebras are the hottest new wedding decor since the all encompassing mason jar 
Images courtesy of Steve Steinhardt via Style Me Pretty 

i spy with my little eye an Amazing apartment complete with gilded chevron
Images courtesy of Emily Anderson via Rue

living inside this children's boutique designed by Sharon Taylor sounds like my cup of tea
Images courtesy of Nathalie Bearden via design*sponge 

can't get enough of this pedestal from iacoli & mcallister 
Image via Oh Joy 

i'm a gray lover through and through and this board from Green Wedding Shoes speaks to me

succulents and needlepoint. a combo worth repeating
Image courtesy of Nicole Polk via Ruffled 

crossing my fingers to one day have a closet this cute
Image courtesy of Pinterest via We Heart it

rad ring shot and an equally cool wedding
Image courtesy of Lauren Ross via Style Me Pretty

these shoes have my mind reeling with thoughts of spring and cute heels
Image courtesy of Garance Dore

a tasty little vignette 
Image courtesy of Pinterest via Oh Joy

whatever it is you find yourself doing this weekend, I hope it is positively perfect in every way

Jan 26, 2011

Words of Wisdom in the Bedroom

I'm all about bold, especially when it comes to interiors so when I spotted this mural on Coco+Kelley, I may have just drooled all over my keyboard. Cute, I know, but how could I resist such eclectic bedroom inspiration? I think a DIY is calling. my. name 

Image courtesy of Kim Christie via Style at Home 

Stripes Galore

I could barely contain my excitement when I spotted my most favorite of decorative designs, the lovely chevron, emblazoned on this new bathmat from West Elm. Serious kudos for getting me giddy over a rug and this one is almost, almost to perfect to step on. So listen up, dear husband, the spending freeze will be lifted for this pretty mat or I. just. might. die.

And the geometric love doesn't end there. Check out some of my other faves from West Elm this season

oh how the stripe lover in me rejoices

1. Grey and White Striped Towels / 2. Nomad Pillow / 3. Grey Striped Bedding / 4. Hive Vases / 5. Ikat Baskets / 6. Tie Dye Pillow

Jan 25, 2011

Dreamy to the Billionth Degree

the bouquet, the shoes(holy cow the shoes!), the dresses. I'm dying for every inch of this wedding and this is only the first part. See it all on Once Wed

Images courtesy of Jose Villa

Sun Kissed with a Side of Cute Sandals

everything about these St. Tropez images is speaking to my heart on this fine, cold morning. I honestly forget what it is like to not be wearing thirty layers.

Jan 24, 2011

Black and Gold

My husband has an undying love for The Steelers and was over the moon last night when we watched them beat the Jets and thus win a much coveted spot at the Superbowl. And I must confess, I try. I really, really try to like football but it just doesn't do it for me. I'm entertained for about 3 minutes before I loose all interest and start eating and drinking my way into oblivion. So this is my ode to the Steelers... a little collection of the most fabulous black and gold items I could find. Hey, you have to work with what you got, right?

Jan 23, 2011

A Week{end} of Lovelies

a super simple but oh so pretty branch light. I'm so making this!

dreamy beach kisses as seen through the lens of Elizabeth Messina

the happiest, loveliest new prints from Rifle Paper perfect for Valentine's giving

nothing but love for this headboard

i could spend the rest of my days staring up at this chandelier

Jose Villa has quite the eye for pretty cakes

my love of color lives on in the perfect satchel

wishing I could sketch like this illustrator
I'll take this whole look and a fast forward to spring.

almost forgot how much I adore pomegranates

chalk art! found here via here

hope your weekend was full of all the things you love

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