Feb 28, 2012

The Do It List

just a few projects on my current to-do list

1.Painted gold striped vases and lucky me, I have a billion gallons of liquid leaf to play with

2. Adding pom pom trim to curtains. This has been on my list for awhile now. I got these simple white curtains for my bedroom and bought some lovely pom pom trim and good old fabric glue. Now I just need to make it happen

3. We desperately need sconces in our bedroom but we rent so I really don't want to hardwire anything. This bulb sconce looks uber simple and no hardwiring required. sold

4. Art is expensive but this rad DIY picture is not. $4 people. Four little buckaroos. Again, sold

5. We go through Mrs. Meyers hand soap like water. I don't even want to tally the ridiculous amounts of money we spend. This project is a sure fire fix

Feb 25, 2012

In my world, color reigns Queen

1. A wedding splashed with a rainbow of hues 
2. An explosion of colorful art
3. A DIY bench that has my name written all over it

From house to feet, I am ready to infuse a little pizazz into these dreary Boston days. I'm telling you Spring can not come fast enough. 
On my colorful wish list...

1. Neon Phospho Necklace  2. Michelle Armas Painting: You Can be Cool, Too  3. J.Crew Brights  4. Zara Crossover Sandal  5. ASOS Chevron Bangles  6. Hot Pink Thonet Chair  7. Kate Spade Gloria Clutch  8. Coral hued Cocoa and Hearts Painting 9. Gold Spotted Tumblers 

Feb 24, 2012

Bedside View

I consider myself a nightstand connoisseur. Not in reality, but in the land of pinning and pulling inspiration with an unlimited budget. In that land, I rule and so does my nightstand. In reality, I have an itty bitty room with just enough space for a stool and some books. 
 Hey, me and that stool, we make it work. But back to the unlimited budget and space land. In that world, my nightstand would look a little something like this...

1. A bright pink lamp just so my husband knows what side of the bed is his

2. Yummy, smell so good you want to eat them candles. that are $60. But remember we're pretending that candles that cost $60 are totally normal and I buy them all the time. In fact, I have a huge stash in my closet just waiting to be frivolously burned

3. A gold detailed coaster to rest beverages like water or vodka sodas if it's been a rough day

4. Pretty, pretty notebooks for all those genius midnight ideas on how to conquer the world. I have a lot of those

5. A little tongue-in-cheek humor for your nightstand. It's little, it's cute and hey, it holds pills

6. Lots and lots of books.*On a side note we're total book hoarders around these parts. As in, we might one day be eaten alive by our plethora of novels. But this book,oh this book, I don't care if it buries me alive one day because it is just that good. Like up at three in the morning choking back tears good. buy it. read it. you won't be sorry

7. Water is a necessity on a great nightstand. Honestly, who wants to wrestle out of bed at three in the morning when your throat is parched? Not I. so water. next to your bed. much needed. and this carafe makes it all the more chic. 

8 and 9. As I mentioned before, I like books. A lot. I also enjoy a good layered moment so in my dream world full of wide open spaces there would be room for not only a crazy, gorgeous over the top expensive night stand but just enough space for a wee little stool to stack some of my current reads. Fun, no?

Feb 13, 2012

An Open Letter

After a recent message left by my Grandmother (yes, my Grandma!) stating, and I quote, " Erin I know some great ways to get pregnant. Call me Back!" I realized this whole baby situation is a little bit out of hand. I too know how to get pregnant Grandma, just sayin. But aside from that, I really don't think it's appropriate to discuss the tightness of my husband's underwear or the frequency of our adult playtime. Am I right? You don't even have to answer. I know I'm right and for reasons like this, I am thinking this open letter might come in very, very handy.

Feb 1, 2012

there's nothing that a great velvet chair or sofa won't cure. And while we're at it, velvet shoes totally fall into that category as well

Images: Fey Handmade, Decor Pad, 3-5, 7: Lonny, 6,8: Rue, Atlantic-Pacific, Shoes: Loeffler Randall

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