Apr 9, 2012

Reading List

You all are a wealth of information. From great vegan recipes to teaching me how to cheers in Portuguese (Tim Tim) - you fill my inbox and my comment section with loads of great tid bits necessary to living a happy, fulfilled life. And right now I'm tapping into that resource yet again. I need the low down on new great books. So tell me, what's on your reading list? I'm all ears. I need a few new favorites to fill these bookshelves. 

On another note we have far too many black and white books. (7 shelves of our massive built in!) The husband is currently on a b&w book covered buying freeze. Crazy, I know, but these bookshelves don't look this fabulous by happenstance. I kid, I kid (sort of)

And since we're having a cute, cozy, little book moment, here are a few of my latest faves that I whole heartedly recommend

Images: Jill Malek, and bookshelves by moi

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