Aug 29, 2011

An Ode to the Boy

I'm jumping on a plane today for sunny Los Angeles and it never fails... as I run around throwing every pair of shoes I might possibly need, every lovely outfit I own and wayyyy too many pjs for one little week, the only thing I REALLY want to put in my suitcase is Mr. Lepperd. Really I could do without the rest but my love/ life bestie/ best spooner ever...him I whither away without. So to you my love, hoping this week flies by quicker than ever before. And someday, lets get soo rich that we can just fly everywhere together. Sound like a plan?  xoxo 

So Pretty... Sooo, Soooo Pretty

a little bit bohemian flower child-esque mixed with the essence of home spun pretty in peach wonderment gives you this display of gorgeousness spotted on The Bride's Guide. Of course, the florals are courtesy of my most favorite florateer in the whole wide world, Amy Osaba. Isn't she a genius?

All Images courtesy of Our Labor of Love via The Bride's Guide

Aug 22, 2011

black | white

i am the first one to admit that color is my crack and there isn't anything in my life that hasn't been touched by a splash of bright hues but I also have a major weakness for black and white. Photographs seem more breathtaking, outfits more chic, interiors more dramatic. And who doesn't die for breathtaking, chic or dramatic?

Aug 14, 2011

Mi Lovely es Su Lovely

zebras hugging it out. aren't they the cutest?
Image via Pretty Stuff

these Geronimo Balloons are all the rage and I am officially jumping on the bandwagon

white, bright and happy all over
Image via Lonny

these shoes need to find a home in my closet
Image via Glitter Guide

mon petit cake
Image via Style Me Pretty

pretty, pretty watercolor invites
Images via Scout's Honor Co.

french. gold. enameled. need I say more?
Image courtesy of Beklina via Hip Hip Gin Gin

that marble island DOES IT for me
Image courtesy of Teri Lyn Fisher via Seesaw

skirted bridesmaids all in a row
Image courtesy of Oh,Darling! via Snippet & Ink

my thoughts exactly except maybe I'll add salsa and guac to that list. 
Image via Designspiration

may this week be a good one

Aug 11, 2011

Gilded Florals

As if flowers weren't insanely pretty on their own, their lovely factor soars through the roof the second they come within 5 feet of a gilded object.

And on another note, I think I may need to go to One Kings Lane-ics Anonymous. I really can't stop myself. But do you blame me? I'm pretty sure french bulldog bookends are a total necessity, right?
or an owl vase and a ceramic bird jar? I can think of a million uses for these

That jar will especially come in handy when Mr. Huz does me in for spending all of our money on frivolous housewares. Hey, at least my ashes will have a pretty, pretty resting place.

Aug 8, 2011

Feathered Wall Friends

I have an obsession with white feathered things so it's no surprise that these juju hats have long been on my design radar. I had no idea what they were called or that they are headdresses from the Cameroon area of Africa but that just makes them ten times cooler. Hoping to acquire one of these fabulously feathered puppies for my bedroom because my gilded bed is lonely in there. She needs an equally fabulous playmate.

Aug 5, 2011

A Week of Lovelies

a scrumptious bouquet full of summer brights
Image courtesy of Leila Peterson via The Wedding Chicks

yummy summer food
Images via Butterfly Food

a classic summer beauty
Image via Jose Villa

this tablescape is having a gold moment and I am wholeheartedly in love
Image via Coco + Kelley

this just may be the sweetest combo of upholstery and chubby little chair silhouette that I ever did see

start off your weekend with the Mrs. scrub a-dub-dub
Image via Mrs. Lilien

 a garland of feathers that had me at hello
Image via Swoon Events

fancy a color blocked coat? I do
London coat via EmersonMade

rain, rainbows and a whole lot of love
Image courtesy of Gia Canali via 100 Layer Cake

a new website with a lovely factor through the proverbial roof
Image via An Apple A Day

sometimes an old trunk and a fabulous tassel are the epitome of bar chic
Image via Rue

a glamorous display of flower diving
Image via Coco + Kelley

lakeside living is where it's at
Image via Wanderlust

this new heirloom lingerie collection by Claire Pettibone puts my yoga pants and Huz t's to shame
Image via Kiss the Groom

tousled to perfection

my mantra

happy weekending loves!

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