Apr 26, 2011

The Weekend Warriors of Charlestown

Over the weekend, Mr. Huz and I decided to get our hands dirty with a few projects. Actually, lets rephrase, I decided that some projects needed to be did and forced my husband into participation. 
First up? Floating shelves. These little ditties look easy enough but let me tell you, we almost got a divorce over their installation. Worth it though, right? We eat up every single inch of space we can around here.
Anndd so deserving of a few gratuitous close up shots. Even Ikea Shelves are worthy of their 15 minutes. Plus the Trojan Horsey shakers are all sorts of cute.

next up was a little game I like to play called what in my apartment can I paint gold? Nothing is safe when I am wielding a paint brush and endless amounts of Liquid Leaf. Picture frames, candlesticks, MY BED...you name it, I'll gild it.

And last, the dilemma of the bulbous basket. Oh this cute little chubby basket. I've been eying it up for weeks and finally decided to pull the trigger as the perfect laundry basket for our bedroom. We aren't blessed with a big closet so the laundry has to be out and about and thus needs something pretty to house it. 
This is where things get a bit hairy. I hit the wrong button! The wrong freaking button and received a blue basket instead of the au natural that I was expecting which of course doesn't match the love cave in any way shape or form. And on top of that, it costs almost as much money in shipping to return so that basket is ours FOREVER. Which brings me to this weekend. 
I was on the hunt for jussstt the right spot. Lo and behold I found it but it happens to be in our kitchen. Weird that we now keep dirty laundry in the kitchen? Totally but my plan is tell people that cute little Senegalese basket is the holder of potatoes. yep lots and lots of potatoes up in there. nothing wrong with that.

Apr 25, 2011

A Weekend of Lovelies

it turns out my boss is not only a connoisseur of pretty, pretty weddings but now she is a baker of incredibly adorable cakes with the help of her lovely two year old of course
Image via Abby Larson

birthday, wedding, sunday brunch - all of it would be better with a mason jar sippy cup.
Images via Emilie Kate 

sweets and carrara = an amazing mix
Image courtesy of Jill Thomas via 100 Layer Cake

a marquee arrow from Etsy is on my "I sooo need" list
Image courtesy of Against The Wood Grain via Design*Sponge

Tea Party a la blanc (now I'm just making up french terms and they probably aren't even right but we'll just go with it)
Image via Hello Naomi

this save the date has my heart all a flutter. pure paper perfection

i hope I'm lucky enough to enjoy 55 years of wedded bliss and look as adorable as these two. the whole shoot is heart meltingly good
Image courtesy of Jesse Holland via Style Me Pretty

Fringey Monogram DIY had me at Fringe
Images via Oh Happy Day

wanting to make this
Image via Home Sweet Home

wishing I could bedeck my entire life in this color blue. pretty doesn't even begin to describe it
Images via Kiss the Groom

place a feather pendant over your bed and you have an instant love cave
Image via Rebecca June

inspired by this inspiration board
Image via Solid Frog

Gwyneth – you sing, you dance, you blog AND you put together the prettiest of easter tables. Seriously woman, is there anything you can't do?
Image via Apartment #34

a shower with a message

a mantra I can get behind
Image via Lonny

May this week bring you lots and lots of greatness or at the very least,a little sunshine. Keeping my fingers crossed Boston

Apr 19, 2011

Blooming Inspiration

remember when this little lady caused quite the trend with her blooming adornments? Well they are back and they're bigger than ever

Apr 18, 2011

Fade into Ombre

Sorry for the lack of posts dear ones. Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging and while I love you all to bits and pieces and thank my lucky stars that I have a little corner of the world to spout my randomness, once in awhile family, work, etc calls. But I am home from a whirlwind trip to San Diego and ready to dig in. 
Now lets throw a welcome back party of the ombre kind, shall we? Boy do I love me some ombre...

Apr 7, 2011

A Week of Lovelies

a great way to start a week of lovelies, don't you think?
Image via Style Me Pretty

just lovely. I realize that's a lot of lovely but you can't deny it's loveliness so I'm going with it and in the meantime i'll try to think of another adjective
Image via Houzz

i love me a mood board but tufted mood boards bring my adoration to a whole new level

such a lovely way to dress up your jewelry drawer

Gypsy love curated by my favorites Sweet Emilia Jane + Sitting in a Tree

get off my brainwave Kate. You took the words right out of my J.Crew loving mouth
Open letter via wit + delight

a destination wedding done so, so right
Images courtesy of Jonas Peterson via Once Wed

the book worm in me is rejoicing over these yummy embroidered covers by Jillian Tamaki
Images via Lake Jane

in love with this twisted bun masterpiece
Image via Kiss the Groom

so pretty I could eat those walls
Image via creative rooms

to see the world through Jose Villa's lens is a beautiful thing
Image via 100 Layer Cake

And lastly dear RAD ones, in the great words of Super Swoon...

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