Apr 7, 2011

A Week of Lovelies

a great way to start a week of lovelies, don't you think?
Image via Style Me Pretty

just lovely. I realize that's a lot of lovely but you can't deny it's loveliness so I'm going with it and in the meantime i'll try to think of another adjective
Image via Houzz

i love me a mood board but tufted mood boards bring my adoration to a whole new level

such a lovely way to dress up your jewelry drawer

Gypsy love curated by my favorites Sweet Emilia Jane + Sitting in a Tree

get off my brainwave Kate. You took the words right out of my J.Crew loving mouth
Open letter via wit + delight

a destination wedding done so, so right
Images courtesy of Jonas Peterson via Once Wed

the book worm in me is rejoicing over these yummy embroidered covers by Jillian Tamaki
Images via Lake Jane

in love with this twisted bun masterpiece
Image via Kiss the Groom

so pretty I could eat those walls
Image via creative rooms

to see the world through Jose Villa's lens is a beautiful thing
Image via 100 Layer Cake

And lastly dear RAD ones, in the great words of Super Swoon...


  1. I don't have a jewelry drawer but now I need one just so I can collect pretty vintage tea sets.

  2. wow, beautiful pics!! I love that last one!!

  3. soooo pretty! I love the beach wedding picture - would totally have copied that to a T if I had a beach wedding:) And J Crew needs to stop being so beautiful so I can afford my rent.

  4. kate took the words right out of my j.crew loving mouth too! amen, sistas!

  5. Deep breath, ok... I GOT ENGAGED LAST NIGHT! After nine years. We've been together since we were 15 and last night he proposed in a giant Hollywood studio. It was amazing. I have my go-to ten favorite wedding sites and I just had to come and share the good news. I'm a stylist in LA, born in the south, and I have a celebrity fashion blog but today it's sorta turned into a wedding site. Would love if you checked out the dream proposal. Love you site. Thank you for all the inspiration. xoxo


  6. Hey, I tagged you over at my blog! It's just a little something. :)



  7. So many beautiful images...the light fixture in the second image is amazing and I can't get over the embroidered covers on the novels!! Thrilled to find and email follow your blog this evening!!

  8. that living room is something that i truly hope to recreate one day. love the gray walls with touches of color in the furniture. i want it!!!

  9. hey!!!
    i just created a new blog about wedding info/tips and it has store too that has all the wedding stuff so please take a little time out and check it out. please and let me know your thoughts.

    the link is

    thank you so much

  10. It is not just lovely, they are so gorgeous! Life should always be lovely and live. Have a beautiful life ahead!

  11. I just found your blog....I LOVE ITTTTT!!! I've been looking at so many pages it makes me dream of what type of place I want to live in, in the future with hopefully someone I love haha :) love your blogggg ok keep it up :)

  12. Love these pictures! That jewelry drawer is so fun! And I can't get enough of that outdoor wedding reception - I think I'll have to feature it on my blog!

  13. This is some of those best list of awesomeness. Love the chandelier in that living room, the adorable stitch covered book, the bun..all those stuff. Really amazing.


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