Jun 30, 2012

Baby Got Back

and Summer is for showing a little golden skin or a slightly pink glow if you're anything like me. Cheers to workin what your mama gave you in one of these pretty numbers...

Jun 6, 2012


Holy See Through Heels Batman. Get them here
And while you're at it, maybe pick these up too. Am I right? I'm so right. Best worn with a margarita in hand.

Jun 5, 2012

Get the Look: Romantic Boho

It's hard not to fall head over heels for Jen Huang's beautiful images. It's also hard not to be totally and completely inspired. As in a full blown bohemian extravaganza is the way to go for all things wedding. At least today it is. And if one were to partake in said extravaganza then surely the above attire is the way to go. Now add in a big, wild bouquet and boom. Hippie Dippie Magic.

1. Wedding Dress: BHLDN Cascading Goddess Gown
2. Floral Halo: Twigs & Honey Flower Blossom Halo
3. Sparkle Sandals: Piperlime Enzo Angiolini
4. Gold Cuff: Net-a-porter Oscar de la Renta cuff
5. Wood Necklace: Anthropologie Balanced Necklace
6. Embroidered Shift Dress: Anthropologie Gardenia Shift
7. Suede Sandals: Zara Platform Sandal

Jun 4, 2012

Midsummer Dreaming

Jen Huang is one of my favorite image capturers ever. She has a way with the light, this one. It's the kind of photo taking that is equal parts gorgeous and insanely magical. so when she offered up the prettiest midsummer night's dream inspired shoot I ever did see, I of course jumped at the chance to share with you all. It's boho bridal musings at its best with wild, overgrown bouquets and a headpiece by Poppies and Posies that will make your inner hippie sing. I know mine is.

Images by Jen Huang Photography, Florals by Poppies and Posies, Makeup and Hair by Jess Wilcox

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