Jul 30, 2011

Put a SKIRT on it

I realize that the skirted table is not a new concept. But these hot, modern specimens full of straight lines, perfect pleats and lovely tailoring are right up my alley. And music to a small space's ears since you can hide all sorts of unsightly bits underneath. I'm thinking this would be the perfect bar solution for our little apartment and since I am not a sewer what so ever, Wisteria's skirted table might be my best bet. I also found a few no-sew tutorials at Little Green Notebook and Johns Journal if you feel so inclined

Jul 29, 2011

BHLDN Fall Preview

Those BHLDNers really know how to throw one kick ass party. The Fall preview in New York made for quite the shindig. We are talking loads upon loads of gorgeous dresses, shoes, accessories, (capes!)and a plethora of fab decor all rolled into one night of wedding wonderment. 

The Fall collection will be available starting August 4th and if you're a fan of texture and feathers galore like moi, you are in for a treat. Seriously will someone please rock that wavey shrug?  
Another fave was the pink, fluffy getaway moment at the back of this car. This needs to happen at your wedding.

 A big, HUUGGEEE thank you to Dana and the rest of the BHLDN crew for giving me a sneak peek of what's to come. The collection is spot on gorgeous and lucky us August 4 isn't too far off. I have a feeling feathers and bridal capes are going to be hot, hot, hot this year.

Jul 27, 2011

From Shipped to Fabulous

So a little back story before we get started. My husband spends his days fighting planet destroying villains at the Union of Concerned Scientists and to say he is eco-friendly is quite the understatement. I, on the other hand, am more a fan of creature comforts that may include but are not limited to blasting the AC the second I feel a wee bit warm, taking taxies everywhere my pocketbook will allow, using paper-towels for any and everything and pretty much being a total electricity whore. But I am slowly, slowly seeing the light at the end of the green tunnel. 
In our house, we no longer do paper towels. We don't do shopping bags or zip-locks. We don't do cars. (This I reallllly miss) And we DO do locally grown produce, LOTS and LOTS of recycling and soon composting. (I will definitely let the Huz take care of that worm-filled bin)
Which brings me to today's musing... Shipping Container Houses. This just might be Mr. Lepperd and I's happy medium. They satisfy my design-loving tendencies and they're totally upcycled and environment approved. Plus, the guest house/ office/ mancave possibilities are endless.

Jul 26, 2011

BHLDN and the Big Apple

BHLDN, the purveyors of fine wedding wares is having a fall collection preview in New York this week and guess who's been invited to the pretty party? Yours truly which also means I'll be sharing all the lovely frocks and things I spy along the way. Sit tight for updates because I hear this season is bringing mix and match separates... for weddings...dying.

And their invitation had me at hello. We're talking pure paper doll magic all wrapped up in a lovely box. I'll be sure to share the awesomeness when i get back. Until then loves

Jul 25, 2011

Fly Me Away

Today I'm dreaming of far off lands full of bright, exotic wonderment. You know somewhere where things like this are a daily occurrence...

But alas I am stuck simply gazing at images with just the right amount of zebra print and loads of color to tide my exotic musings over until I can hop on a plane to paradise. One thing is for sure, it makes Mondays a whole lot prettier.

Jul 19, 2011

Homes of the Fabulously Glittery

It's no surprise that the second I laid eyes on Tori and Myka's homes on The Glitter Guide I was in complete decor lust. Tori's abode is the perfect mix of beachy girly goodness with loads of color and gold accents and Myka's pied-à-terre in San Francisco is sleek city wonderment and filled with trinket trays galore. Total porn for the gold and glitz obsessed and I wouldn't expect anything less from the ladies behind Sitting in a Tree Events.

Tori's House Images courtesy of Joielala via The Glitter Guide and Myka's Abode captured by Tinywater Photography via The Glitter Guide

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