Jul 1, 2011

A Week of the Loveliest of Lovelies

chalkboard musings
Image via dear musketeer

wishing to spend the rest of my summer days doing just this
Image via Lolita

gold is the new silver

speaking of gold flatware...doesn't it pair ever so nicely with green? 
Image via Twig & Thistle 

virtuosos of the shelf variety

on the wish-list for summer dress-upiness
Skirt via J.Crew

And of course my eyeliner should match my pencil skirt
Image via Clarabelle

seaside stripe heaven

a kitchen full of gorgeous

nothin but McLovin for this pedi
Image via A Lovely Escape

Emerson does India
Image via Emerson Made

Vera Wang, you complete me

Jose + Joel as seen through the lens of Elizabeth = a beautiful thing
Image courtesy of Elizabeth Messina via Style Me Pretty

Image via Apartment #34

Have a fabulous weekend one and all. And for all of you U.S of A'ers...hope it involves a little sparkler action


  1. I'm new to your blog as well. I love all the lively imagery. And I agree, gold is the new silver!


  2. i always love your friday lovelies and even more so today because of the little pedicure pic! thanks for the link - happy long weekend :)

  3. ah!! so much amazingness in one post :) I love the idea of one toe being a diff color--I'm so rocking that! And between that chalk board and those umbrellas oh la la perfection!

  4. Oh....I love that last image - gorgeous!

  5. such a fan of your blog. those mustache mugs are so cute ♡, Rosa T.

  6. I really LOVE your Blog! Congratulations for your work! Kisses from Brazil ! Tathiana Corrêa.

  7. Ooooh, that last picture makes me OH so happy!! It might have something to do with my getting married at the end of August....thanks for the loveliness!

    Maria xx

  8. just pinned so many of these lovelies! might be your best collection yet :)

  9. ohh best collection yet, I like that! But now the pressure is on for next week. Hopefully I can rise to the occasion xoxo

  10. I have to admit,this is adorable! Thank you for sharing this great ideas!:)

  11. Beautiful imagery!


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