Jul 29, 2011

BHLDN Fall Preview

Those BHLDNers really know how to throw one kick ass party. The Fall preview in New York made for quite the shindig. We are talking loads upon loads of gorgeous dresses, shoes, accessories, (capes!)and a plethora of fab decor all rolled into one night of wedding wonderment. 

The Fall collection will be available starting August 4th and if you're a fan of texture and feathers galore like moi, you are in for a treat. Seriously will someone please rock that wavey shrug?  
Another fave was the pink, fluffy getaway moment at the back of this car. This needs to happen at your wedding.

 A big, HUUGGEEE thank you to Dana and the rest of the BHLDN crew for giving me a sneak peek of what's to come. The collection is spot on gorgeous and lucky us August 4 isn't too far off. I have a feeling feathers and bridal capes are going to be hot, hot, hot this year.


  1. Looks divine! Just sad to have missed you by only 1 day!!

  2. Thanks so much for coming, Erin! It was great to see you again!

    Dana @ BHLDN

  3. Oh, wow! This looks amazing! I look forward to checking out the Fall collection soon because, not only does everything you've posted looks absolutely gorgeous but, I ADORE texture! :)

  4. Erin, so sad we missed each other. I might just have to visit you in San Francisco! have fun in New York! xoxo

  5. Next time ask if you can bring an assistant ;) Looked fab. xoxox

  6. Just love them. I was reading that feathers are really big for weddings right now and I just love it.
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