Jul 30, 2011

Put a SKIRT on it

I realize that the skirted table is not a new concept. But these hot, modern specimens full of straight lines, perfect pleats and lovely tailoring are right up my alley. And music to a small space's ears since you can hide all sorts of unsightly bits underneath. I'm thinking this would be the perfect bar solution for our little apartment and since I am not a sewer what so ever, Wisteria's skirted table might be my best bet. I also found a few no-sew tutorials at Little Green Notebook and Johns Journal if you feel so inclined


  1. Love this idea, such a great way to transform a room xx

  2. Hi Erin
    I had a skirted table in my dining room for many years before I found the perfect piece. It made a great buffet.

  3. I know. I think I need that floral fabric in my life


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