Apr 30, 2009

{ Speechless }

{Image via Black*Eiffel}

This would make for a show stopping wedding venue. I am ah-inspired.

{ Glam }

{Image #1,7 Viceroy #2,3 Decorno; #4 We Heart It, #5 via 

I am feeling dramatic today and in the mood for some glamorous surroundings. High shine, black and white, and larger than life are the name of this game. It never hurts to throw in a little carrera marble while you're at it. Love it.

While I am living in this high gloss dream world, I think I will be lounging around my fab surroundings in one of these:

Apr 29, 2009

{ The Bride wore Flip Flops }

{Image via Nibs}


{A Purple Haze }

I just perused the blog of designer extraordinaire behind the eco friendly lovely below and I am drooling over her work. I love the architectural touch mixed with completely feminine ruffles and such. Yum. That plum ball-gown has me swooning for days. Check out Petals and Waves for more work from this fab Brooklyn designer. 

{ This is Almost Enough}

{Image via Twigs and Honey who got it from here}

to make me change my mind about my wedding/ uber rad party dress. This is very, very pretty though anddd its eco-friendly. good deal.

{ Inexpensive Wall Decor }

{Image via We Heart It}
I have been itching to do a little design redo in the love nest. This is right up my alley and my budget for that matter. I might have to try this out. After all, who doesn't have a million old pics hanging around? I will post the end result if it goes accordingly.
While I am at it, I think I will try this too. I love inspiration boards and this would look fantastic above my desk.

{Image via Black*Eiffel}

Apr 28, 2009

{ Etsy Crush }

I just received a recent purchase in the mail today from Etsy and I am soooo in love, I had to share. This hat is my new favorite thing

and there are sooo many more cool items at Rachael's shop. She also happens to have amazing customer service. Go check it out.

{ Yes }

{Image from Oh Happy Day via Snippet & Ink}

How utterly amazing would this be for a wedding? Somebody do this please. I am too far along in the planning process and there are chairs involved but if I wasn't, I would for suurree do this. The little buckets of hydrangeas are perfect and all the white pillows...love.

{ Style Me Pretty, Pretty Please }

So I am thinking a makeup artist is in order for the big day. I absolutely do not want to look a hot mess by time the reception rolls around. I still want to look like myself, just prettier and with better hair. Possible? Lucky me, my sister is a hair stylist and will be throwing my side chignon bun thingy into place. That, I am not worried about. It is the whole makeup thing. I absolutely do not want to be strolling down he isle looking like Tammy Faye Baker. I love the natural look with a twist. Natalie Portman and Jennifer Garner have it down. So this will be my inspiration. I kind of want some super sexy eyelashes too. A la sixties sex kitten:

I think I need help finding a makeup artist though. How does one go about doing this?!? I am from San Diego but my wedding is in San Luis Obispo and I have never had my makeup done before. This could be difficult. Any suggestions? Lay it on me.

Apr 27, 2009

{ Uggghhh...}

Love, love the succulents and the uber awesome Michael Antonia but really can't stand the yucky, pretentious,"I booked a paparazzi for my fake wedding" Speidi from The Hills clan.

Noa, if you come to my wedding, I promise I won't kick you out. Before this fab photog was kicked out by the wreck of a couple, she managed to click a few amazing shots. Read all about this ridiculous affair on Noa's blog here and  over at the Flashdance.

Apr 25, 2009

{ This Dress is Sort of Fabulous }

Apparently I have an obsession with J Crew. Just when I thought it had eased a bit, they throw this amazing dress at me. The big rosettes are killing me; I love them so. I am a girly girl to the bone so any type of floral, bow adornment is my cup of tea. I think I need to have this. Can I wear it to the rehearsal dinner?

Dear J Crew Gods,
Please, oh please can you have one of your 30% off sales 
shortly. Thank you

Your friend,

Apr 24, 2009

{ Love this }

I am a sucker for acoustic and pretty, pretty hearts too. Happy Friday my loves.

{ Break Out the Bubbly }

I am about to break out the bubbly and poor myself a glass because my Etsy shop {Haute off the Press} is finalllllly up and running.
You see, I absolutely adore designing but hate, hate all of the technical, business mumbo jumbo so it took me awhile to actually sit down and fill everything out. But I finally did it and now it is ready for its public debut. I have one lonely invitation suite up right now but I'll be adding a bunch more over the next few days. Go check it out

Apr 23, 2009

{ J Crew Love }

{Images via J Crew}

Some new J Crew lovelies just added. They have some pretty fabulous bathing suites as well

{ La La Lovely }

{Image via 100 Layer Cake}

I know every single time 100 Layer Cake puts out an inspiration board, I post it but seriously they are amazing and I can't help myself. You could seriously frame these puppies. Its The Hotness to the 100th degree.

{ All Natural }

{Image via one of my favorite bloggy blogs Lake Jane}

I love the simple, neutral, unfussy exitence of this dining room. It would look so amazing with this kitchen:

There is something about a neutral pallet that gets to me. I don't know if I will ever have a room devoid of color but if I do, it will look like this

{Image via Coco + Kelley}

{ Nice Chair }

{Image via Mason Jar Bride who got it from here}

I absolutely love this pic. So yummy. check out the always fabulous Mason Jar Bride for more of this drool worthy engagement shoot.

Apr 22, 2009

{ Dream World }

Black soles are for widows, beige soles are for the Milanese, but red soles are for those who want to flirt and still have time to dance.”

Oh Christian, why must you tease me so with your pretty, pretty shoes. You know I can't afford them. I shouldn't even be looking but that flash of red is enough to send me into a blackout frenzy of shoe madness where I try to justify buying shoes that cost as much as the monthly rent for my apartment. 
In my fantasy world where I make millions of dollars, these lovelies are what I would be sashaying down the isle in:

or maybe these:

Um, why don't I go crazy and put an entire outfit together that I can't afford. Does it count that I think I would look really cute in it?

These are probably my most favorite though. I think I could wear them with a potato sack and still look hot. Behold the Helmut:

le sigh.

{ Pretty in Pink }

I am usually not a pink girl but I absolutely adore these bathrooms. They are uber feminine so I might need a separate bathroom for Mr. Lepperd {I don't think he would feel at home shaving in that mirror} I am keeping these in my design files for that oh so happy day when we buy a house. Until then, I'm just going to keep drooling over these pretty pics.

Mr Lepperd can have this bathroom that I previously posted because I am apparently really obsessed with bathrooms. and weddings. weird

{ Cake Topper Update }

I found out from Style me Pretty that the fab cake topper can be found at The Knot Wedding Shop: here
The kicker- it is $80.00 ?!? So rude. Looks like I will be sticking with a flower like this pretty clay peony:

or maybe some succulent action for our cake:

Or maybe a sign. I think this might be my favorite and it is only $5.00
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