Apr 3, 2009

{ Head Gear }

{Images via Twigs and Honey}
I think I found the one.  Not the one that I buy first before I change my mind a million times because I already did that but the actual flower headband thing that I will wear on my wedding day. Yeah for me.  It used to be third time around is a charm and now I'm down to two...getting better.  By time the wedding comes around, I might actually make a decision and stick with it. Weird.
The infamous Myra Kim of Twigs and Honey made this pretty piece and she just came out with some other fab head gear reminiscent of Marie Antoinette which can be found on her Etsy shop: Twigs and Honey.  One day I will write an Ode to Etsy.  I heart it a million times over.
The flower headband reminds me of this pretty bride who's outfit I dig right down to her tippy toes.

{Images via Max Wanger}

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