Apr 8, 2009

{ Dorking Out with Yarn }

It is official. I am truly a nerd.  Last night I took a weekly trip over to Michaels with my 50% off coupon to pick up some odds and ends for DIY wedding extravaganza 2009 and I broke down and bought a teach yourself to knit kit.  I'm telling you I couldn't even wait to get home and open it. I was sooo excited. I don't know why I want to knit so bad. It just seems like all of the little old ladies I see knitting are always so happy and content.  I want that.  A simple life of sitting on the porch with my ball of yarn and an amazing throw that I knitted myself...we should probably throw in a vodka tonic too because no dream of mine is complete without that.
 I was in for a huge surprise.  That sh*t is hard!!! I was sitting there with knitting needle awkwardly in hand staring at the diagrams dumb founded. It seriously took me about an hour to figure out the first stitch.  I really think this would be much easier if I new someone that knitted and they could show me in person. Anybody?
I am determined though. I am going to keep on practicing until one day I can make things like this:

Until then...lots of vodka tonics.

1 comment:

  1. hahahahaha you are hilarious. and so right. those little old ladies make it look so easy! i gave up on knitting after about 15 minutes. someday i'll work up the nerve to try again. maybe.


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