Apr 16, 2009

{ Somebody Help Me Please...thoughts on Centerpieces }

I am about the have a centerpiece meltdown. I like way too many different things and I can not for the love of all that is holy make up my mind. My latest craze: succulents ( hate the name, love the way look) Let me take you down the little path of wedding centerpieceness that I have been running around in circles on.

First stop: Paper Flowers

I went out and bought a bezillion sheets of pretty plum paper and have been collecting manzanita branches for the centerpieces. Now I want something different.  I still love this look but I'm not feelin its flow if you catch my drift. Moving on

Second Stop: Mercury Glass

This might have actually been the first stop but who is counting. I fell in love with the look of all things mercury glass and so my mom and I began collecting vases, urns, tea lights and now we have an entire collection started...enough to fill 16 tables with these pretties. I still love them but I need something else to stuff them with or sit next to them. ugh.

Mind you this is the shortened list; there was also a quick divergence with an assortment of glass containers that we spent days sorting through and returning to their respective Marshalls and TJ Maxs

So lets see what we have to work with:

A. A lot of Manzanita Branches

B. Enough Mercury Glass to fill an antique store

C. A bundle of plum paper ( not so concerned about this one- I can find another use)

Can I mix mercury glass, manzanita and succulents? Can I add flowers too? dahlias, mums, peony looking english roses? I am in a big, fat cluster of wedding stuff and I might explode. just saying. Please tell me your thoughts. I'm all ears


  1. You're hysterical... and sound exactly like me! I went from Ball jars, to mercury glass to milk glass to antique silver containers. Before ultimately deciding on, yes, Ball jars.

    I say it's your wedding and you get to do whatever you want! Plus I kind of love the idea of the deep plum flowers and branches strewn and wrapped about a cluster of mercury glass filled with stylish succulents. Sounds fabulous to me! And if you don't want to do paper flowers, use real ones.

  2. I feel you about the overwhelmed, i love each of your ideas and wouldn't even try to give you advice on how to arrange.

    love love love succulents.

  3. I have gone on wedding blog detox multiple times. There is so much out there. Eventually you'll have to make a decision but until that who cares, have fun coming up with cool ideas. I love these succulent centerpieces - http://alovelymorning.blogspot.com/2009/01/our-wedding-diy-succulent-centerpieces.html. If we decide to rock out on the west coast I will totally have succulents EVERYwhere. I love them so much.

  4. Love love the mercury glass look. If you want to sell your mercury glass after your wedding...I would be very interested in buying. My wedding is June 27th. My email is jenflynn@gmail.com

    Good luck with everyhting!~!


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