Apr 21, 2009

{ New Favorite }

{Most beautiful image ever ever courtesy of Christian Oath Studio}

This one isn't too shabby shab either

See mad amounts of amazing photography here


  1. oh man. wedding porn of the worst kind.

    i kinda wanna scrap my mountain plans and buy a couple of tickets to NYC to get hitched.

    keep it coming erin. your pic choices rock my face off.

  2. oh that first one is just so.... yum. and the dress just doesn't even look real... there's something very eerie and haunting about it but i love it.

  3. I love that image with the candles on the stairs. My caterers are urging me to do a similar thing. However, I'm worried that someone will kick a votive into the bushes and start a huge fire. Should I calm down, or does this scare anyone else?


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