Apr 22, 2009

{ Dream World }

Black soles are for widows, beige soles are for the Milanese, but red soles are for those who want to flirt and still have time to dance.”

Oh Christian, why must you tease me so with your pretty, pretty shoes. You know I can't afford them. I shouldn't even be looking but that flash of red is enough to send me into a blackout frenzy of shoe madness where I try to justify buying shoes that cost as much as the monthly rent for my apartment. 
In my fantasy world where I make millions of dollars, these lovelies are what I would be sashaying down the isle in:

or maybe these:

Um, why don't I go crazy and put an entire outfit together that I can't afford. Does it count that I think I would look really cute in it?

These are probably my most favorite though. I think I could wear them with a potato sack and still look hot. Behold the Helmut:

le sigh.

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