Apr 18, 2009

{ The Last Succulent Post...I swear }

{I am having a brain fart and can't remember where I got this. Let me know if this is your post. So sorry. I blame age on this one. I'm almost dirty thirty you know}

I am dying over that bout. I think these photos reconfirmed my love. I am needy, I admit it. I need confirmation and lots of pushing in the right direction. But now, I am well on my way. 


  1. so THAT's why your picture looked so familiar!! I knew I had seen you somewhere before, so it must have been when you were dress shopping! I will definitely check on the status of your dress and let you know when we're expecting it. And you're right, there are tons of crazy similarities in our weddings... you have great taste, obviously :) As far as the cake stand, that is SO sweet and generous of you. My wedding's not till 10/11 but if you don't need it in October I'd be happy to take it off your hands and give it a good home for a day!

  2. Oh P.S. we are also majorly obsessed with succulents and have started quite the collection that we plan to incorporate in the wedding. I'm drooling over the bouquet in the first picture.


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