Apr 1, 2009

{ Handleless Wonder }

My new obsession of the week is small, and yes it's from starbucks but it brings me great pleasure...meet the handleless double walled coffee mug.  I am in love and I need another one.  My particular cup is the perfect shade of plum and it is on sale now at Starbucks so go get one.

My fianco and I happen to have this weird obsession with glasses.  We are constantly buying random chalices and mugs.  Don't ask me, its weird I know.  But we can't stop and for whatever reason I am always drawn to the glasses that are missing something such as a handle or a stem.  They are just soo much cooler.  Like these:

We recently completed our registry extravaganza and you guessed it, about half the items are drink vessels but I mean come on...how could we pass up these pretties from Anthropologie?  I'll stop talking about glasses now.  

1 comment:

  1. I have a dish/glass problem too, and Anthropologie always gets me in trouble. Even worse, i dont really cook!


    Rebecca June


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