Apr 10, 2009

{ Amelie }

{Image via Classic Bride}

I thought this was such a pretty picture. Audrey Tautou is out of control beautiful and happens to be in a few of my most favorite movies; one of them being A Very Long Engagement.  Have you seen? I feel like my engagement to Mr. Lepperd has been far too long. If it was only say three months I would have absolutely no time to change my mind about every single detail. I guess that is part of the fun, or torture, to make brides to be absolutely crazy with wedding nonsense for  a year and a half. I want to get this party started already.  Wow, it feels good to have a miny rant via blog. Happy Easter, Passover, Friday...enjoy the ones you love

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  1. couldn't agree more! LOVE Audrey. and I know what you mean about changing your mind a thousand times when you have a long engagement... by the time Curt and I get married we'll have been engaged for just short of two years! it's torture having to wait so long but it's so worth it because we've been able to invest so much time in all the planning, and we get to take on a bunch of DIY projects. so hang in there!


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