Apr 27, 2009

{ Uggghhh...}

Love, love the succulents and the uber awesome Michael Antonia but really can't stand the yucky, pretentious,"I booked a paparazzi for my fake wedding" Speidi from The Hills clan.

Noa, if you come to my wedding, I promise I won't kick you out. Before this fab photog was kicked out by the wreck of a couple, she managed to click a few amazing shots. Read all about this ridiculous affair on Noa's blog here and  over at the Flashdance.


  1. Agree. 100%. The whole situation must have been so weird/funny for Michael and Noa. Makes for a good story though. And I have to admit that I would have loved to see Perez Hilton busting a move.

  2. Thank you darling!! i'll come to your wedding! will there be cake??? ;)

  3. wait a minute, how come noa gets to come?

  4. You can come too Mr. Antonia and yes Noa, there will be tons of cake as in yummy pound {cup}cakes with glaze frosting. Don't bring Speidi though. They rather scare me


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