Jul 27, 2011

From Shipped to Fabulous

So a little back story before we get started. My husband spends his days fighting planet destroying villains at the Union of Concerned Scientists and to say he is eco-friendly is quite the understatement. I, on the other hand, am more a fan of creature comforts that may include but are not limited to blasting the AC the second I feel a wee bit warm, taking taxies everywhere my pocketbook will allow, using paper-towels for any and everything and pretty much being a total electricity whore. But I am slowly, slowly seeing the light at the end of the green tunnel. 
In our house, we no longer do paper towels. We don't do shopping bags or zip-locks. We don't do cars. (This I reallllly miss) And we DO do locally grown produce, LOTS and LOTS of recycling and soon composting. (I will definitely let the Huz take care of that worm-filled bin)
Which brings me to today's musing... Shipping Container Houses. This just might be Mr. Lepperd and I's happy medium. They satisfy my design-loving tendencies and they're totally upcycled and environment approved. Plus, the guest house/ office/ mancave possibilities are endless.


  1. i literally lust over these houses constantly! every time i bring one up to my husband he looks at me like i'm crazy. the Dwell homes are particularly appealing to me. but i'm totally with you on the A/C & giving up my car in a state little public transportation and 100+ degree months would be impossible. kudos to you guys! setting a great example.

  2. Congrats on becoming more ecofriendly! I wish I had someone to guide me on that journey, but I'm trying. And I dont do shopping bags either, and in Germany, we traditionally do a lot of recycling. Plus, I go everywhere by bike.


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