Feb 28, 2012

The Do It List

just a few projects on my current to-do list

1.Painted gold striped vases and lucky me, I have a billion gallons of liquid leaf to play with

2. Adding pom pom trim to curtains. This has been on my list for awhile now. I got these simple white curtains for my bedroom and bought some lovely pom pom trim and good old fabric glue. Now I just need to make it happen

3. We desperately need sconces in our bedroom but we rent so I really don't want to hardwire anything. This bulb sconce looks uber simple and no hardwiring required. sold

4. Art is expensive but this rad DIY picture is not. $4 people. Four little buckaroos. Again, sold

5. We go through Mrs. Meyers hand soap like water. I don't even want to tally the ridiculous amounts of money we spend. This project is a sure fire fix


  1. the big photo diy is an amazing find! i'm all over that little project (and i normally steer clear of diy).

  2. I love the big photo diy and the Pom Pom trimmed curtains!

  3. The pom pom curtains sound like such a fun project! Let us know how it turns out!

  4. I love all the DIY projects Erin! Those painted gold leaf vases and DIY photo are amazing! -but those pom-pom curtains have my heart! I wanted Aimee to do lavender pom-poms for Nola's nursery but got denied!! haha! We should do a girls DIY night with some St. Germain along!! xoxo

  5. Mrs. Meyers Basil is the absolute best. Thank you for introducing me to the DIY. A little $$ savings is better than none!!

  6. I love the sconce.. love the gold leaf vases! your Blog inspired me to start my own last year! I absolutely adore your blog!


    1. thank you Bree! that's awesome. Just checked out your blog. love, love, love it!

  7. i really need to make those gold DIY vases, they're SO cute!!!


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