Jan 31, 2011

Ivy & Aster

I am completely head over heels for the new bridal line Ivy & Aster (like heart-palpitating, gorgeousness overload kind of head over heels) and any brides or bridesmaids still in search of the perfect dress are in luck because Ivy & Aster is arriving in stores this very week. Not only that, but there are several pop-up trunk shows through March. The first one is coming up this weekend in Los Angeles. I only have one request...will someone please, pretty please rock one of these gorgeous dresses down the aisle and send me the pics. I need to do some vicarious living.

Images courtesy of Elizabeth Messina


  1. ahh - love this!! sharing with my brides now :)

  2. All of the Ivy and Aster gowns are gorgeous ... I tried most of them on at a trunk show in February. They're extremely well-made and lovely. I will be wearing the "Sweet Pea" gown (with a small rhinestone belt) down the aisle next September. I'm in love with it!


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