Mar 19, 2009

{ The Coolest Loft in Buenos Aires }

I happened to be reading another wedding blog yesterday, A Backyard Wedding to be exact, when a post about their honeymoon caught my eye.
They too planned a romantic little get away to Argentina (woohoo I am sooo living for this) and stayed in one of the coolest looking lofts. 

To top it off, it only costs $400 a seriously that is about $1000 savings compared to the boutique hotel we where just about to put a deposit on.  Do you know how far $1000 will go in Buenos Aires? I am so getting my shopping on, and my steak on, and my wine on.

If you are visiting Buenos Aires at all in the near future, it would definitely behoove you to check out this site.  The people that own the loft have a two bedroom apartment upstairs that also rents out for $400 a week or $950 for the month. 

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  1. hi just found your blog via veiled vows. so you are going to argentina for your honeymoon? how exciting! I just went there in february. i wanted to stay in that loft too, but it was booked :-( i wrote about the trip on my blog and thought it might interest you.


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