May 5, 2011

Inspired by Florals of the Hanging Variety

Writing for Style Me Pretty is an undeniable dream job for little ol' me. I basically get to revel in the glory of all things gorgeous on a daily basis and gush until my little digits are tired of typing. But the downside is that I have shall I say this...a bit more edited in my most coveted wedding tid bits. It takes A LOT to really make my heart pitter patter these days and it's usually something unusual or outside of the traditional wedding box so to speak. Like these pretties:
Hanging flower boxes are my current le love and Amy Osaba happens to craft them like nobody's business. Gorgeous right? Here are few more potentials from around the blogosphere...
Or perhaps for your garden?

Images: Our Labor of Love via Amy Osaba, Our Labor of Love via 100 Layer Cake, Design For Mankind, Martha Stewart Weddings, Eat Drink Chic, Soeur, Happiness Is, 100 layer Cake


  1. beautiful-ness :)
    i agree, having the internet at my fingertips feels like i have seen everything and i am so bored with the same old, same old!

    this is exciting though!

  2. amy osaba is my idol... she is my inspiration... her work is so beautiful! i love this post!

  3. holy smokes. i love anything of the hanging variety! such prettiness indeed!

  4. The hanging flower boxes, flower bottles and flower pots are truly creative!


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