Jun 3, 2009

I need your Thoughts

{I have no idea where I got this picture, sorry}

Would it look weird to wear a super long veil with a short dress? I can't find any pictures anywhere but I want to have a big, long veil. Is that weird?


  1. Not at all!
    it might be weird but thats not a bad thing.
    its maybe the best.
    If you feel like wearing this long long veil DO IT
    and i am sure you will find a great combination
    with your short short dress and will look amazing!

  2. It's your wedding. Go with your gut!!

  3. TOTALLY do it, long veils are amazing, this picture is SO totally convincing me! If you find one that makes you do a little dance when you put it on, who cares what lil dress it is paired with! :)


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