Jun 11, 2009

Calligraphy for the Monetarily Challenged

Don't get me wrong, I am am all about beautiful calligraphy. It is oh so pretty paired with letterpress invites but at almost $2 an envelope, this here bride does not have that in the budget. Thats when I decided to get crafty and I found a font that happens to be free and is amazingly similar to those whimsical calligraphy styles I yearn for. Download it here.

Here is a sample of the font.

 If you are really feeling crafty, you can print it out very lightly on your envelopes then trace over it with a nice pen for that handwritten look.


  1. I was thinking about the cost of invitations the other night and it suddenly gave me the desire to take a pair of scissors and chop my guest list in half. Awesome find to make it look like the money, I would totally trace it with a marker, put on an audio book and I'd be good to go for 4.5 hrs.

    I love your blog, hope you don't mind me linking yours on my newbie! Thanks for the gorgeous pictures and artsy ideas!

  2. Such a great alternative--it'll look beautiful! I think I'll try hand-lettering mine, but I might just give up and try a calligraphy font instead!

  3. Thank you for sharing...I've been looking for a modern calligraphy font to trace over for my envelopes! :)


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