Mar 14, 2011

A Monday of Lovelies

Lonny never fails to deliver the goods and in other news, breakfast nooks are definitely on my must have some day radar. Blah! Do I sound like a 30 something or what?

sparkle cuppies. hells to the yes
Image courtesy of Boutique Photography via 100 Layer Cake

seriously what is cuter in this pic? I can't decide. Elephants are totally the new fur baby
Image via Lo & Behold
how about a hot pink bistro chair to awake the senses. I want like 10
Available at ABC Home

dress up your fireplace with a little foliage

sometimes weddings for two are the most romantic of all
Image courtesy of Kate Harrison via Snippet & Ink

polka dots + Phillip Lim make my heart palpitate

decided to be a little weekend warrior and painted stripes in our Beantown abode. Now I can move onto other important things like side tables and a gallery wall.

love, love, love this bride's choice of ear bling
Images courtesy of Belathee via Style Me Pretty

spring is almost here which means soon, very soon we will be partaking in fringed cocktails on the roof deck
Image courtesy of Martha Stewart via Coco + Kelley

Happy Monday loves. Hope you stay caffeinated. I'm already off to the kitchen for another cup


  1. Love this post and all your lovely picks! Those little cocktails are making me ready for Spring and outside cocktail parties!

  2. "Elephants are totally the new fur baby" - absolutely. I couldn't agree more. That is one of the sweetest pictures! Excellent job with the stripes...looks lovely! :) MademoiselleMichael

  3. Oh I love the stripes! Great color and width - very bold but also kinda calming at the same time. Enjoy the warm weather coming our way!! So jealous you have a rooftop getaway in Boston...ahhh North Jersey just isn't the same as Boston.

  4. Love the stripes you painted! They looks great. The elephant is the cutest thing ever by the way.

  5. I love the stripes!
    This pink chair is so beautiful :)


  6. Great job on the stripes! They look fantastic! I love the breakfast nook too! Darling.

  7. What a fun way to start the week - with so many fabulous things!!


  8. I do love stripes—and the bold black and white above especially— but the idea of putting them on my walls terrify me for some odd reason. As if they can't be painted over??? These look so great tho'. And that fireplace mantle is pretty gorgeous too.

  9. I love the idea of dressing up your fireplace with a little foliage, just absolutely love it!! and I"m seriously swooning over that polka dots purse.

  10. wow i love the designs. its good to see fresh new ideas out there

    Interior Designer Melbourne

  11. great post! i love the pics that you upload. thank you!
    Rosa T.

  12. there are some magnificent finds here

  13. You're my new favorite blog (even though I've already been married...twice.) You're my style soul-sistah.


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