Feb 28, 2011

Tray Roundup

 In all of my internet scouring for the perfect trays to outfit each and every room, I came across some awesome specimens and thought I should share. 

All pair nicely with spirits and accessories of choice

And for your dressers, go feminine chic and display all of that fabulous jewelry and girly trinkets in one of these lovelies

We can't forget the Rustic beauties. I always find awesome pieces on Etsy or local vintage shops but if you're not into scavenging for hidden gems, then these might be your cup of tea

And last but certainly not least, if you are wanting to add a splash of color to the room, why not go for a fun, patterned tray. Throw on some modern white vases and voila...instant fabulousness


  1. what an adorable selection! :) wished they shipped to japan!


  2. LOVE these trays! I love the monogrammed printed lucite trays for a preppy gift!


  3. i love the hot pink lacquer tray. and your new blog layout is amazing! i love it!

  4. I am totally on board with your tray obsession! They are great for everything from perfume to spirits!

  5. oh...MY goodness, I have never seen such an amazing round-up of trays in my entire life. I literally JUST discovered your blog via Liz's [From Portland to Peonies] but I am in love with it from this post alone. In love. Two things: I own that chevron lucite tray from the Etsy Tilly Maison store and am OBSESSED with it! It sits on my all-glass console table and is the perfect catch-all for keys, coins, little notepads, and all the random odds & ends that end up in trinket trays. Secondly, I am DYING for that hot pink Jonathan Adler tray but it's just too darn expensive for me right now. Still dreaming and hoping maybe one day it goes on sale. I am now going to click on every single one of the links to each tray because I love each one...I want to see where they're all from and how much they are! Amazing finds!

  6. here's another tray mine!...www.hpdesigns.net
    they have just expanded the line of classical monogrammed placemats to include monogrammed and decorative lucite trays


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