Feb 1, 2011

A Sunshine Party via Mrs. Lilien

It happens to look like the end of the world outside and there is no letup of snow insight so I'm thinking a Sunshine party is in store...

you know the kind where we blast the Beatles and drink pink fruity cocktails and pretend it's a warm summer day and not the middle of the worst winter in Boston's history (actually I don't know if that whole worst winter part is true but we'll just go with it). A big, fat thank you to Mrs. Lilien for brightening my weary winter spirits.

Images courtesy of Mrs. Lilien


  1. I want to try the pink flamingo cocktail!

  2. I love this times a million!

    Yay for spreading some spirited sunshine!

  3. What a perfect post for today, considering the fact that as I look out my window, I see a five foot snow drift in front of my house. Awesome. This was the perfect thing to lift my spirits, and remind me that spring is (eventually) coming!


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