Feb 21, 2011

DIY Terrariums...Yes, Please!

Even though I write for Style Me Pretty and totally live and breath all things wedding, sometimes a really fabulous post will fly under the radar. As in, I don't see it until months later. Case in point, these AMAZING DIY Terrarium Place Holders created by Wednesday Custom Design. They're gorgeous! I want to make a million of them and use them for everything and I think you should too

Clear Glass Christmas Ornament
Mason Jar Lid
Crepe Paper Flower - 
DIY Instructions
Wine Bottle Cork
Place Card


1. Remove the silver hook from the top of the Christmas ornament.
2. Use the mason jar lid as the platform for the glass ball, and to offer some stability while you create.
3. Fill the glass ball with moss and sticks.
4. Make your own crepe paper flowers to put in the glass ball for a burst of color 
5. Seal the hole in the glass ball with a wine cork
6. Tie a pretty bow with ribbon or string to attach your place card to the terrarium.

Images courtesy of Wednesday Custom Design via Style Me Pretty


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