Feb 11, 2011

There's Always Next Week

so sorry for the radio silence this last week. I took a little trip for Style Me Pretty to the magical land of BHLDN and it took all of my downtime so I am going to take this weekend to recover from gorgeous dress gazing, cool blogger pal meeting and copious amounts of macaron eating (my first ever! how have I never had one before?!?) and we'll reconvene back here on Monday. Sound like a plan? Enjoy your weekend loves!

And if you missed the sneak peeks of the BHLDN collection, there are some great ones here, here, here, here, here, here and here

Image via Pinterest


  1. their dresses are fantastic - so romantic

  2. So jealous! How amazing were the dresses? Oh how I so wish this would have been around three years ago when I got married!

  3. the dresses were BEYOND amazing Alison. Like so amazing that I am ready to get married again. They have really great event dresses though that you can live vicariously through

  4. wow thanks for intro-ing me to their dresses! p.s. those macarons look amazing
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