May 8, 2010

New Favorite Thing

nesting tea mugs and they are handleless! You know how I love my beverage containers sans appendages. Buy them here.


  1. ooo I love these!!! thanks for sharing... I wonder if they are the kind of cups that absorb the heat though... I have a mug that I can't use because it'll burn my little fingerprints off! haha. Have you tried these yet?

  2. Oh gosh what super cute bowls!! I could def see myself sipping out of these beauties! They are just lovely and perfect :) Tomorrow I am hoping to have your fab wedding posted too!! Wha hoo! I will keep you posted girlfriend XOXOX

  3. I love these too! I love stemless glassware... Wine glasses, champagne glasses, tea cups... All better stemless :)

  4. How fun and I am loving your blog, glad I discovered you through Miss Rhiannon Nicole over at Hey Gorgeous! :)

    Liesl :)


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