Jan 22, 2010

A Week of Lovelies

Majorly crushing on this wedding fashion 

Alpaca montage. I think I want one.

Getting cheeky with tulle

Metal chic

It's a nice day for a white invite

This wedding is even better as a collage

Antlers go glam

Pretty Hair, Pretty Fire escapes 

no words. just gaze at the loveliness

I'm thinking I might do this before laundry next week

Sticky notes with style

Books in nooks

Have a wonderful weekend pretties. Check back monday for some exciting news. 
Ciao Ciao xoxo

*Update...the news was about Style Me Pretty but the post went up early. Surprise.


  1. Hi Erin-

    Where did you find that sequin dress?? Do you know the designer? I am obsessed!


  2. Alpacas are pack animals and they kinda freak out by themselves, so you could get two, or a dog or a goat or something to keep them company. I'm gonna stop rambling about farm animals now.

  3. I would like to know the same thing of Cara!!
    Do you know who is the designer of that sequin dress?

  4. haha oh my goodness! My laundry made the week of lovelies! hilarious! I'm still powering through.. should be done with the last couple loads tonight :) good luck with yours!

    and congrats on your first post on Style Me Pretty-- I really love that wedding!

  5. hey i posted that sequin dress on my tumblr wedding whims & i found it with no link back to where it came from. sorry!!


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