Jan 11, 2010

A little inspiration for your Monday Morning

Sometimes I am all about vibrant color and sometimes I want to surround myself with creams and neutrals. This picture has me yearning for the latter.

Speaking of which, I opened up the newest copy of House Beautiful over the weekend and nearly dropped down dead when I saw the most perfect dining room I have ever laid my eyes on. I tried desperately to find it on the internet to no avail so a scanned image will have to do but oh is it dreamy.


  1. I know what you mean. Sometimes I'm attracted to as much vibrant colour as possible other times I can't get enough of images like these two. Love that chandelier against the wall...

  2. Absolutely loving the layered neutrals look. I've been obsessed with all shades of white, ivory and cream paired together lately. And that chandelier is to die for.

  3. I love this table setting! It makes me want to be a designer of somesort. Do you know if they make those seats in a barstool? They are wonderful.


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