Nov 30, 2009

Perfection in a Dress

This intimate little Swedish wedding has me swooning. That dress is sheer perfection. In the crazy days of wedding planning, I definitely had moments where I wanted to grab my fiance, an amazing dress and jet off to some romantic destination and just do it already. This is how I pictured things.

*Images via Once Wed. Dress via Saja Bridal


  1. Erin I have to say that as soon as I see something awesome on the blogs I think to myself "I love it! I bet I will see it posted on Erin ever After too!" I read the title of this and already knew the dress!

    Lisa @ craftmybride

  2. I looked at this dress and thought about how damn fantastic it was and then looked at the rest of the dresses at Saja and died a little more!

  3. i loved this when i saw it on Once Wed too. perfection indeed.


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