Nov 28, 2009


I spent hours last night putting together our thank you cards. We decided to go with Moo Postcards because you can upload several different designs {as in up to 60} which is good when you have an insanely amazing photographer and too many pics to choose from. We are also including mini cards with tons of pics of the wedding. It will be a fun way to specialize each card with pics of the guests, etc. I think the finished product will be super cute and of course, I will post pictures. 

*All images via Corbin Gurkin


  1. oooooh, I love's like "Erin & Chuck" trading cards...I want to collect them all. Thanks for all the photo love!

  2. Great idea! I love Moo cards, I've never seen anyone use them as thank yous.

  3. Wow...they look amazing. You did have a phenomenal photographer!

  4. so brilliant. i love it. you did a great job!


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