Nov 10, 2010

A substitution for sunshine

It is starting to get really cold and grey and ominous here in Boston and this California girl is in need of a dose of sunshiny goodness. Enter this yellow burst of lovely spotted on Grey Likes Weddings and I can almost, almost feel the warmth of the good old So Cal sun. Plus the fashion is sort of AH-MA-ZING and I can never resist the photography prowess of Jill Thomas


  1. Yay Jill! She really is the best!!!

  2. On a day like today, I really need to see images like this!

  3. Gosh how I am loving yellow more and more for a wedding color, especially this particular shade! So pretty!

    Liesl :)

  4. Your blog caught my eye! I am an Erin...and wedding cake designer...I think we could be pals...but I'm from Kansas:) So my sunshine comes in sunflowers and the reflection off the back of the combine;) Pretty pics!
    Check my blog for fun:


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