Nov 8, 2010

Dance Party

putting disco balls on a windowsill is a genius idea. Loving the way the light bounces all over the room. I have a feeling the Lepperds are going to be having morning disco parties very, very soon. Now I'm off to find some disco balls of my very own. P.S. I really dislike the word ball so I think I will call it a disco globe instead. yep, much better.


  1. lovely glitzy shine and pretty idea

  2. "Disco globe"- ha so cute :) I've been looking for some as well. I kind of want to work them into my Christmas decor this year, for something fun and different.

  3. such a FUN idea!! Thanks for the inspiration!! ; )
    Be sure to check out Gramercy Boutique! Can't wait
    for your next post!!


  4. I have one hanging in my kitchen. It makes cooking so much more festive!


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