Nov 19, 2010

A Week of Lovelies

a sweater for your chair

pumpkin whoopie pies make my mouth water

cute leather gloves make for happy, happy hands

wishing I had the courage to make my kitchen this pretty

if your hands are happy, your head should be too

I want a VW Bug just so I can pile cute luggage on top

the perfect reading corner inspiration

organizing made fun with these pretty wood tags

I would live in this romper if I owned it

a Lela Rose dress that makes me want to get married all over again

new wallpaper crush

words of wisdom

happy weekend oh pretty ones


  1. very nice!
    i love them all,...

  2. Ditto on that dress!

    And I would die for that chair!

  3. Stunning wallpaper! And I'm obsessed with that chair.

  4. Love that wallpaper! and the Lela Rose dresses but omg a sweater chair?!! heaven ;) Hope you are still enjoying Boston, ready for the New England winter?!

  5. that wallpaper is crazy awesome!!!

  6. Great post! I love all your pictures. I want a VW bug and I not totally want a sweater for my chair...I have a similar chair.


  7. The sweater chair is sweet! I want one.

  8. my dear, it's been too long! This fall has been a doozy but i'd love to catch up - great picks as always! Cheers, Mrs. E

  9. Love the dress, love the quote and LOVE the Abigail Borg wallpaper- I'm just about to order the orange fox in fabric- adore!!

  10. No one else noticed that it says Loose, instead of Lose? No one? Really?


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